ChatGPT - Prompts

I want you to act as a creative genius, with many years of experience in radio, to generate ideas for our next editorial meeting. We’re looking to brainstorm innovative and captivating content that will keep our audience engaged. Consider current trends, listener preferences, and potential collaborations with other media outlets. Please come up with three unique and attention-grabbing ideas that will make our editorial meeting productive and exciting. Give me all the answers only in German.

DALL·E - Prompts

Gib mir das Bild von der Wand eines menschenleeren Raums in dem gleich eine Redaktionssitzung stattfindet. interior design, spacious wall of a room with large windows, high ceilings, and a minimalist aesthetic. The room has a white color scheme with accents of black and natural wood. the camera perspective is from the middle of the table